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PhotoBeaux and BeauxBooth is a one stop shop to satisfy your photographic needs.  PhotoBeaux offers a dynamic choice of photography solutions including portraiture, art, wedding photography, event coverage and commercial. BeauxBooth is a branch of PhotoBeaux that offers sleek and personalized photo booth photography for any event.

Jo Beaudreaux

Jo Beaudreaux spearheads PhotoBeaux and Beauxbooth.  She has a BFA in Photography and loves to help others reach their visual goals.  She has a versatile background in multiple photography styles and types. 

Photography is a timeless art that documents, preserves and satisfies the heart. 

Daniel Okonski

Daniel Okonski is a certified BeauxBooth Operator.  He is also an excellent photographer that assists PhotoBeaux.  His background is Digital Animation and Information Technology.

​​​Ty Beaudreau

Ty Beaudreau is a certified BeauxBooth Operator. He offers a fun presence at any event.  He is eager to make your photographic experience fun.  He also helps build structures for different types of photo needs.

Mark Okonski

Mark Oksonski is an engineer that constructs major photo project sets/items that involve structures.  He has over 30 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer.   To contact him for his services, please visit:

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