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Our mission is to allow you and your guests to have an exciting, easy-going and memorable time at your event.  You will receive local and personalized service that is tried and true from BeauxBooth operator/s that are welcoming, helpful and enthusiastic. 


Your guests will take home instant professional quality lab photos and will remember the event for years to come.  People generally place these keepsakes on refrigerators, work desks or other places frequented.  Since the strips can be personalized with your logo and event theme, they will serve as constant reminders. Perfect for instilling your wedding as the best they’ve been too, allowing your marking to work longer and harder, and reminding people why they support your local non-profit, school or business. 


Below lists some foundations about our booths and links to our services and contact pages.

Photo Booth List of Standards

Rentals include Unlimited Photo Sessions, Instant Professional Lab Quality Prints, Maroon or Pale Blue Backdrop, Delivery and Early Set Up of Booth, a Digital Copy of all Photo Strips for You and Your Guests, fun Props and Memento Scrapbook, Gallery Reminder Cards for Guests (Some items listed are not included with A La Heart Rentals).

Set Up:
Ideally, set up for an event takes place an hour before your guests arrive so that we avoid disturbing your festivities.  Once people arrive, they can start to enjoy the booth.  Set up location should be near an electrical outlet.

Outdoor Set Up:
The BeauxBooth can be set up outside, but only if there is an electrical outlet nearby and on a flat dry surface.  Grass is not recommended.  Should there be a chance of rain, the BeauxBooth must stay indoors.

How Photos are Taken:
Inside the private booth, a touchscreen will prompt users on starting.  Customizable graphics for your event are available.

Booth Capacity:
There is a comfortable bench for your guests to sit on in the booth.  Up to three people can sit on the bench, but others can join you too.  Additional people can come in the booth, but they will not have a bench to sit on.

Photo Count:
Each photo session produces four photos on a photo strip.  You and your guests can get countless photo strips without inserting money and because you get Unlimited Photo Sessions!

One typical grounded household electrical outlet that is less than 30 feet away is perfect.  If your party is not near a power source, please contact me with location details to see if something can be worked out.

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